Xtreme Acoustics V8 Plus – Impressive at First Glance

The V8 Plus Sound Card, A Worthy Upgrade from the Original V8 Version, Makes a Solid Bargain At Under 2000 Rupees, Considering You are Live Streaming, Running a Small Home Studio and within a Tight Budget.

xtreme acoustics v8 plus sound card first impression

USB Budget Soundcards that work on both PC, IOS and Android Are a Myth, for just Rupees 1299 From the official Store, You Can Grab a sound card and satisfy the inner creative beast

The V8 Soundcard is quite a viral one in India, particularly among the people who don’t actually have much to spend for live streaming, recording and etc.

The Brand Xtreme Acoustics is selling multiple variants of budget friendly soundcards along with studio oriented combo’s at a great price.

The Original V8 Soundcard is a tad bit different from this model, this one from Xtreme Acoustics is the Plus model, this one rock very interesting features which I will cover in a later article – if you are looking for a particular instrument Octaver, added you get a lcd display too with this.

Xtreme Acoustics V8 Plus – Specifications

  • Built-in dual DSP noise reduction chip – There are dual DSP noise reduction chips inside the sound card to avoid the influence of current noise, ensure high quality sound, Reverb (ECHO) makes your voice more charming.
  • Multiple effect and voice change mode – 8 levels of electric sound and 16 different sound effects. These sound effects can be adjusted in 6 different modes. You can adjust the reverb size, microphone volume, treble and bass, recording volume, music volume as well as the monitor volume.
  • Multi-device support – The sound audio mixer is compatible with iPhone, android mobile phone, type c phone, computer, tablet, iOS, Android.
  • Multi-application – Support home karaoke, live streaming, podcast. Features – Bluetooth connection, re-chargeable Lithium-ion battery with up to 12 hrs. continues usage and LED analog display
xtreme acoustics v8+ sound card io
Sound Card I/O

Xtreme Acoustics V8 Plus Sound Card – Unique Features

Sound Quality, yes you heard right, I will be covering more of that and will be linking the article here, but I myself was surprised how a sound card, that costs only 1300 rupees, sounds so damn good, heck, it even can power condenser microphone, though not the ones with a very high impedance, but yes it will get the job done

The V8+ Sound Card / Mixer can be great for people looking to start up a very economical home studio since it offers USB recording and Playback

It offers External Recording Capability, Internal Recording Capability in PC* (with a bit of latency) and On Android via 3.5mm jack and offers 0 Latency Monitoring

The Reverb FX is astonishingly good, like how much more can you expect from a sound card that works in pc, supports audio playback from pc and is less expensive than the cheapest usb-soundcard, The Behringer Uphoria.

On top of that The Brand, Xtreme Acoustics is offering Extended Warranty, Instructions on how to claim it will be in the Leaflet provided inside the box,

Bonus Secret Octave Setting which blows away the likes of TC-Helicon Voicetone D1 – Coming Very Soon in the full review

Drawbacks of the Sound Card

As I have mentioned, when you are recording in PC, which it supports via USB, but there is a visible latency, which can be an issue for musicians or podcasters in there attempt to set it up with OBS

The product, though build quite nicely, has attracted quite a lot of negative reviews on amazon regarding the lifespan and the issues that start occurring

There is no Dedicated Phantom power supply available along with the Lack of MIC – Preamps, and the possibility that there could appear a hissing noise when used in places where there is grounding issue, the lack of XLR means no earthing pin, so yeah, your mileage may vary on this

The Inbuilt Sound Clips are stagnant, they cannot be modified, for ex you cannot add your own, this won’t be much of an issue, unless you live for the gags and memes while playing or streaming games

The voice changer effect doesn’t seem to do much that sound redundant, there are only 3 effects but that’s all that is.

If you can live with the quarks, mind you, no one in this cosmos can give you such a device that disrupts the competitors to this extent

That’s my 2 cents