Ark Survival Ascended: 4 Reasons I don’t like this game

As a seasoned player with over 1000 hours logged in ARK: Survival Evolved, I find myself at a crossroads. The world of ARK Survival Ascended beckons, yet it feels like a stranger’s land, far removed from the home I’ve come to know and love.

ARK: Survival Evolved was more than just a game. It was a journey, an adventure, and a community. From taming my first dinosaur to building my first base, every moment was a story waiting to be told. The thrill of survival, the camaraderie among players, the sheer awe of the world around me – these were the experiences that made ARK: Survival Evolved a game like no other.

The Struggles of ARK Survival Ascended

Zwormz Gaming and Ark performance descended.

Yet, as I ventured into ARK: Survival Ascended, the magic seemed to fade. The game was plagued with frequent crashes and bugs. The once vibrant community is now filled with frustration and disappointment. The developers, whom we once admired for their vision, seemed distant and unresponsive.

The game was still in its early access stage, it showed, as performance issues were rampant, even on high-end PCs, server-side issues were a constant source of annoyance. The declining player base was a stark reminder of the game’s struggles.

Countless players, including myself, are facing constant game-related issues with ARK: Survival Ascended. These concerns are being expressed on the Steam Community Discussions page. However, instead of finding solutions or empathy, we encounter trolls and deluded griefers.

They bash us, blame us for the issues, and question our decision to buy the game. They defend the game’s shortcomings by labeling it as ‘early access’, conveniently ignoring the fact that the game is essentially a reskin of its predecessor and was supposed to be free. Despite these issues, some people are still convinced that the game warrants a hefty price tag. It’s a frustrating situation for many players who just want to enjoy the game they love.

Exploring Alternatives to the Ark: The Rise of Palworld and Enshrouded

ark survival ascended crossroads
Crossroads by Carlosdino at DeviantArt

The declining player base of ARK: Survival Ascended is a cause for concern. According to Steam Charts, the average player count has been steadily decreasing. In the last three months alone, the game has lost about 33% of its player base. This decline can create a snowball effect, as fewer active players can lead to less enjoyable multiplayer experiences, driving even more players away.

I could draft down some of the major concerns and have made a list below:

  1. Frequent Crashes: Players have reported that the game crashes frequently. Some players have even reported losing all their progress due to these crashes.
  2. Performance Issues: Despite having high-end PCs, players are still experiencing performance issues. This suggests that the problem lies with the game’s optimization rather than the players’ hardware.
  3. Lack of Developer Response: There seems to be a sentiment among players that the developers are not addressing these issues adequately. This has led to frustration among the player base.
  4. Server-Side Issues: Some players have reported issues that seem to originate from the server side. These issues can prevent players from joining games, further contributing to the declining player base.

Workarounds: Some players have found workarounds for these issues, such as running Steam as Admin, deactivating DLSS, and updating graphics card drivers. However, these solutions do not seem to work for everyone.

In the face of these challenges, many players, like myself, have found solace in alternative survival games like Palworld and Enshrouded. Despite being in early access, these games offer mature mechanics that provide a satisfying and stable gaming experience. They may be different in terms of gameplay and aesthetics, but at their core, they are survival games that offer a sense of adventure and community, much like what we love about ARK: Survival Evolved. It’s a testament to the resilience and adaptability of gamers – when one world closes, we find another to explore and conquer.

Nitrado-Snail Games Contract Controversy and Console Delays

Snail Games, Nitrado Agreement

The Ark Ascended Early Access journey has been marred by controversies and delays, leading to a significant loss of interest among the player base. A major point of contention has been the contract between Snail Games, the publisher of ARK, and Nitrado, a server hosting company. An SEC filing revealed that Nitrado provided a loan of over $4M to Snail Games as part of their partnership. This led to allegations of a server-hosting monopoly, causing dissatisfaction among players.

In addition to the woes, the console release of ARK: Survival Ascended was delayed due to “critical issues” identified during the internal quality assurance process. The delay, coupled with the lack of a launch discount for Xbox users, further fueled player dissatisfaction.

Thank you Ark

So, as I bid farewell to ARK: Survival, I can’t help but look back at the journey that was ARK: Survival Evolved. Despite its end, it will always hold a special place in my heart. The memories, the challenges, the friendships – they were all part of a journey that spanned over countless hours.

To ARK: Survival Evolved, thank you for the adventures, the stories, and the community. You were more than just a game. You were a world I could escape to, a story I could be a part of, and a journey I will never forget.

Looking forward, if Snail Games makes things right with ARK: Survival Ascended, like the planned DLC, and if they live up to the expectations with acceptable PC performance and stability, I will most likely consider returning to this world that once felt like home. Until then, it’s time to explore new horizons. So, to ARK and its community, see you on the other side. Here’s to hoping we meet again in a world that’s just as captivating and just as welcoming as the one we once knew.