Enshrouded: A Deep Dive into the Voxel-Based Masterpiece of Early Access in 2024

enshrouded, a voxel based masterpiece, early access in 2024

As an avid gamer, I’ve been playing Enshrouded since its demo version, and I must say, it has been an absolute delight. Now that I own the official game, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on this gem that’s making waves on the popular Steam charts.

Enshrouded is a game that offers a dynamic and malleable environment excelling in creating modifiable worlds, it’s about realizing imaginitive visions of the game world, be it building fortresses, craving caves, or crafting ecosystems.

Enshrouded is a survival action RPG that checks multiple boxes, a rare find in 2024. It draws inspiration from Valheim, but it doesn’t just mimic; it innovates and improves upon it. The game offers a unique blend of survival, crafting, and action RPG combat, set within a sprawling voxel-based continent. It’s a treat for voxel-based game lovers like me, offering unparalleled interactivity and creativity.

enshrouded early access gameplay 2024
Charcoal Kin, Flame altar, workbench outside in Enshrouded

One of the standout features of Enshrouded is its repair mechanism. Unlike many survival games, repairing your weapons and tools doesn’t cost materials. You simply interact with Workbench and voila, your items are repaired. This mechanic is an absolute treat, adding a layer of strategy without the grind.

enshrouded early access gameplay 2024
The workbench, beds, and storage chests in Enshrouded, and also the lighting in daylight is wonderful.

The quests in Enshrouded are very entertaining. The game offers a series of daring quests, some essential to advance the campaign, while others are optional. Every quest can be completed solo, but the game encourages bringing along friends for a more enriching experience.

The State of Enshrouded in 2024

Enshrouded, an early access game that has captivated players with its unique blend of survival and role-playing elements, has proven to be a standout title in the gaming landscape. With its Souls-Like stamina-based combat, intricate perk/skill tree, and rich lore, the game offers an immersive experience that leaves players yearning for more.

enshrouded rewarding quest and items
Quests and Explorations are indeed very rewarding

One of the most commendable aspects of Enshrouded is its expansive map. The world is teeming with life and activities, making every exploration a thrilling adventure. Whether it’s engaging in combat with enemies, farming materials, or exploring ruins, there’s always something to keep players engaged. Dead zones are few and far between, ensuring that the action never lets up.

Another one of the game’s most enjoyable features is the Glider. This tool allows players to soar across the map, adding a thrilling dimension to the exploration and movement within the game.

glider in enshrouded
Glider in Enshrouded is so much fun
glider in enshrouded - 2

The game also introduces a unique mechanic known as the Shroud. This mysterious fog adds a layer of complexity and danger to the exploration, challenging players to strategize and plan their movements carefully.

enshrouded early access first boss fights
Shroud adds extra immersion while fighting bosses.

Enshrouded Pros and Cons

Lighting at nighttime can be further improved.

Like any game, Enshrouded is not without its flaws. Players have noted that Magic and Ranged combat styles are disproportionately powerful compared to Melee. This imbalance can be particularly frustrating for players who prefer a tank playstyle, as they may find themselves at a disadvantage as the game progresses, although I play with friends who play ranger and magic, I don’t personally complain.

While Enshrouded offers an immersive gaming experience, one area that could use some improvement is the game’s lighting, particularly during night sequences. The current lighting system can sometimes make it challenging to navigate and interact with the game world after dark. This can occasionally hinder gameplay, especially during exploration or combat scenarios that take place at night. It would be beneficial if future updates could address this issue, perhaps by introducing adjustable brightness settings or improving the visibility of important game elements in low-light conditions

Additionally, the game’s AI has been criticized for being too easy to exploit. By gaining a slight elevation, players can become virtually untouchable, reducing the challenge of combat encounters. The game’s difficulty spikes have also been called into question, with some players finding the transition from feeling overpowered to underpowered to being jarring.

Despite these issues, Enshrouded remains a highly enjoyable game. The developers are actively working on improvements and regularly pushing out updates and hotfixes. The game is more polished than many AAA titles currently on the market, offering a vast world filled with content and hours of gameplay.


In conclusion, Enshrouded is one of the best early-access games available today. It offers an engaging and immersive gaming experience that is well worth the asking price. With its captivating world, innovative mechanics, and stable performance, Enshrouded earns a well-deserved rating of 9.5/10.

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Image Source: @PritamBiswas