AMD Fixes RX 7900 GRE Overclock Potential: The GPU Does Wonders

The AMD Radeon RX 7900 GRE (Golden Rabbit Edition) is an incredibly powerful graphics card, capable of handling almost anything you throw at it. Despite being launched with a lower 18Gbps memory clock and a cut down from a 320-bit memory bus to a 256-bit bus, the GPU packs raw horsepower that surpasses the likes of the 4070 Super, and is priced much lower.

To be very honest, if you are a gamer, and play only games, AMD should be a better suited option to you, unless you can afford the 4090.

RX 7900 GRE Initial Problems Related to Overclocking

Initially, there was a problem with the GPU. Many people complained that the card could barely be overclocked regarding memory and core clock. AMD confirmed that this was a technical glitch. Regardless of whether people buy Nvidia, a good GPU at a great price will be noticed by people.

As soon as the China-only product became an international option, it caught people’s attention. Just look at it. It’s a Navi 31 GPU using the RDNA 3 architecture. It features 80 out of 96 Compute Units, resulting in 5,120 stream processors, 160 AI accelerators, 80 Ray accelerators, and 320 TMUs. That’s pure high-end AMD specs at an unbelievable price.

Pricing in India as of 25th March 2024.

RX 7900 GRE price in india
The RX 7900 GRE is priced like the RTX 4070, in performance, Trolls the 4070 Super.

Just look at the Pricing, like look at it, how much RT RT RT will you scream huh Nvidia? I get it, the 4090 is a monster, but not everyone can afford that. why won’t you price your 4070 super like this? A third-class variant is priced at around 65k. WHY

RX 7900 GRE price in india vs 4070 Super Price in india
Horrible pricing, when it comes to the existence of the RX 7900 GRE


RX 7900 GRE After AMD Fixes the Issues

The phasing out of the Ampere GPUs led to a scarcity in the market. This scarcity was further exacerbated by the slowing demand on the client side and the non-existent mining GPU market. Miners selling off their boards via platforms like eBay indirectly slowed client GPU sales. This created a point of desperation in the GPU market, with high-end Ampere GPUs being scalped at higher prices.

After the release of the new driver, the AMD Radeon RX 7900 GRE’s performance has seen significant improvements. Here are some key points:

  • The memory overclocking slider now peaks at 3,000 MHz, yielding 22.8% more headroom than the GPU’s previous overclocking limit of 2,316 MHz.
  • TechPowerUp reports that it was able to overclock the RX 7900 GRE to 2,604 MHz (or 20 Gbps) with the new Adrenalin driver, which is faster than what the RX 7800 XT’s memory runs at out-of-the-box — 19.5 Gbps.
  • This doesn’t necessarily mean that the memory will overclock up to 24 Gbps, you’re still limited by what the GDDR6 chips are capable of.
  • The increased memory speed sees the 3DMark Time Spy GT1 overclocked frame rate jump from 72.6 FPS to 77.1 FPS (GPU frequency was constant between the two runs at 2803 MHz).
  • This brings the card’s total overclocking potential to an impressive 10-15% real-life performance gain.

Hardware Unboxed also did a video, and you will understand where the GPU, now ranks and will think twice before going out and spending almost a lakh for a 70-class GPU.

Still Confused on What to Buy?

It is true that the Ray tracing performance isn’t much to talk about. But beyond an 80 Super / 80 tier GPU from the ADA series, go and max out RT settings. You spent so much, yet it can’t do it natively, so what’s the point in buying anything that’s not a 4090? If you are buying a budget GPU, always buy AMD, they are king. Unbeatable. If you have the cash for the performance beast, seriously, buy the 4090. Don’t buy the 80 or the 80 Super at the price of a 4090.

If you were thinking back then to make the move, now you are still thinking about buying, even though you have the cash to get it. Jump the gun whenever you think like it, and don’t waste time waiting, it’s the most precious entity you will ever get, that also only once before everything is gone. So yeah, if you like something, get it. The RX 7900 GRE ticks all of my requirements criteria for a GPU, such as:

  1. Incredible value
  2. Superb performance
  3. Reasonable power draw( the 70 ti cards pull the same, undervolting is pointless, you end up losing a lot, since it’s not a 4090 and does not benefit the same as the 90 tier cards have a lot of CUDA cores, a 4070ti and a 4080 together doesn’t make up for the CUDA cores inside the 90, yeah, you heard me right.
  4. Finally a great upgrade of RX 5700 XT users. Ah, it’s the same as when Turing Super came out in 2019.