Intel Core i7-14790F “Black Edition” CPU: Raptor Lake Refresh For China Only

core i7 14790F Black edition

Following the successful launch of the i5 14490F “Black Edition”, Intel has now introduced its new Core i7-14790F CPU, further expanding its “Black Edition” lineup. This latest CPU stands out as it provides a different balance of cores and cache compared to its predecessor, the 14700F. While it offers fewer cores, it compensates with a larger cache, making it a unique addition to the family, and to be honest, it makes the most sense for gamers, sadly its china only.

Source: @Zed__Wang

Intel Core i7-14790F “Black Edition” Specifications

core i7 14790F Specifications
Source: Intel

The Core i7-14790F CPU is a 16-core chip that includes 8 P-Cores and 8 E-Cores, totaling 16 threads1. This is a step down from the Core i7-14700, which features 8 P-Cores and 12 E-Cores in a 20-core and 28-thread configuration. However, the clock speeds on both SKUs remain the same, with a base frequency of 2.1 GHz and a boost clock of 5.4 GHz at 65W base and 219W (MTP) power limits.

Interestingly, the Core i7-14790F CPU features 36 MB of L3 cache and 24 MB of L2 cache, while the Core i7-14700F CPU features 33 MB of L3 cache and 28 MB of L2 cache1. This means the Core i7-14790F has 1 MB less of L2 cache, but this is unlikely to make a significant difference.

The launch of the Core i7-14790F CPU adds another powerful option to Intel’s “Black Edition” family. While it may have fewer cores than the Core i7-14700F, its increased cache could make it an attractive choice for certain users. As always, the final decision will likely come down to individual needs and budget.

Box Pack Image of Intel I7 Black Edition Processor

Source @Zed__Wang