Windows 11 update (KB5035853) affects users of AMD Ryzen APU-powered handhelds and laptops

Windows 11 update (KB5035853) affects users of AMD Ryzen APU-powered handhelds and laptops

There’s been a recent update to Windows 11, known as KB5035853, and it’s causing some problems. Specifically, it’s affecting devices that use AMD Ryzen APU, which are a type of computer processor. These devices include handhelds and laptops. The issue is with the integrated GPU (iGPU) drivers – these are the software that controls the graphics processing unit (GPU) on these devices.

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How Does Windows 11 KB5035853 Affect Users?

After this update, users have noticed that their gaming performance has gone down. Some games are even unplayable because the frames per second (FPS) – which is a measure of how smoothly a game runs – is very unstable. In some cases, the GPU clock, which is the speed at which the GPU operates, is limited to 800 MHz and doesn’t reach its boost frequencies. This could be the reason for the drop in performance, but we’re not sure yet.

This issue is particularly affecting the handheld community because AMD’s Ryzen APUs are quite popular in this market. For example, users of the ASUS ROG Ally have reported major performance issues after the Windows update.

What Can Be Done About It?

ASUS ROG Ally – Major performance issues after Windows update (13th March 2024)
byu/Ganley333 inROGAlly

Neither AMD nor Microsoft have officially recognized this issue yet, but some users have found ways to work around it. One method is manually reproducing the AMD driver package through the Windows settings. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Windows Settings.
  2. Navigate to Apps.
  3. Select AMD Software.
  4. Choose “Repair” and then “Reset”.
  5. Restart the affected device (such as an ASUS ROG Ally or a Ryzen APU laptop).
  6. For additional troubleshooting, you can explore the following options:
  7. Update AMD Graphics Driver: In some cases, manually updating the AMD graphics driver to a version lower than 30.0.21000.22018 may help.
  8. Ryzen Master Fix: If you encounter problems related to Ryzen Master, consider adjusting the registry value for VulnerableDriverBlocklistEnable.

Source: Ganley333

Another solution suggested involves selecting a lower driver version through the device manager.

Are There Any Other Issues?

Yes, in addition to the iGPU driver issue, some PC users have reported instances of the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) after downloading the new KB5035853 update. Some users have mentioned memory management errors, and the issue seems to be more persistent in Lenovo-AMD devices.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Given the widespread issues reported by users, it might be a good idea not to install the KB5035853 update until Microsoft releases fixes. AMD and Microsoft are likely working on resolving these issues, so keep an eye out for updates from both companies.