Intel Core i5-14490F “Black Edition” CPU: Raptor Lake Refresh For China Only

intel core i5 14400f black edition

The Intel Core i5-14490F “Black Edition” Raptor Lake Refresh CPU has recently been leaked, revealing impressive specifications and performance. This new variant is part of Intel’s 13th Gen Core series and is expected to be exclusive to the Chinese market.

Source: @wxmod

The Intel Core i5-14490F may seem unusual in its naming convention, especially when compared to other models in the 14th-Gen “Non-K” series. This specific processor is part of Intel’s “Black Edition” series and is the successor to the previous generation Core i5-13490F. In the past, we’ve seen the release of the Core i7-13790F and Core i5-12490F under the “Black Edition” series. These “Black Edition” CPUs are typically aimed at the Chinese market and are known to offer a slightly enhanced performance value. However, it remains uncertain whether this particular variant will be launched globally or if it will be restricted to the APAC region once again.

Intel Core i5-14490F “Black Edition” Specifications

core i5 14490F black edition

The Core i5-14490F features 10 cores with 6 Performance-cores and 4 Efficient-cores. This configuration is similar to the Core i5-13400F, but the new variant boasts higher clock speeds and increased cache. The clock speeds are reportedly 200 MHz higher, matching the level of the i5-13500.

In terms of cache, the L3 cache has 24 MB, which is an additional 4MB compared to the i5-13400F. However, the L2 cache remains the same at 9.5MB.

The Core i5-14490F has been tested with the CPU-Z built-in benchmark, scoring 779.7 and 6834.5 points in single and multi-core tests respectively. This translates into approximately 6% and 4.5% higher performance than the Core i5-13400F.

Several devices equipped with the Kirin 9006C have undergone testing, with their single-core and multi-core results being shared on Geekbench 6. A notable example is the Qingyun L420, which recorded scores of 1,229 and 3,577 for single-core and multi-core performance respectively. These results are somewhat underwhelming, especially considering that the System on Chip (SoC) is intended for laptops, which typically demand greater computational power than smartphones.

Interestingly, unlike most brands operating on Windows 10 and 11, Huawei’s Qingyun L540 and Qingyun L420 run on a different operating system known as ‘UnionTech OS Desktop 20 Pro. This unique choice of operating system could potentially influence the performance of the Kirin 9006C, and it would be interesting to see how it compares to its counterparts running on Windows.

The previous model, the Core i5-12490F, was initially not well received due to its pricing. However, it gained popularity when its prices fell close to the Core i5-12400 CPU levels. It will be interesting to see how the market responds to the new 13th Gen CPUs at launch

The Intel Core i5-14490F “Black Edition” CPU appears to be a powerful addition to the 13th Gen Core series. With its increased clock speeds and cache, it offers improved performance over its predecessor. However, its market reception will largely depend on its pricing and availability.

Source @Wxnod