Dragon Ball: Sparking ZERO – A New Era of Fighting Games

sparking zero

Dragon Ball: Sparking ZERO is the latest addition to the legendary Budokai Tenkaichi series. Known as Budokai Tenkaichi 4 in the West, the game is officially titled Dragon Ball Z: Sparking in Japan.

I have literally played this game for over 3000 hours since my childhood days, on my athlon x2 7750 BE and 9600 GT, hooking up ps2 emu, and i spent so many battles fusing bt1 bt2 and bt3 dics, enjoying bonus content as well, when the new trailer dropped down, and i noticed legacy content embraced, oh boy i couldnt help but tell you guys about it.

Sparking Zero Roster

Speculated Sparking Zero Roster @Wiqedu

The first 24 characters of Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO roster has been officially revealed. The lineup includes iconic characters like Goku and Vegeta, each showcasing their signature moves and transformations. For instance, Goku makes his grand entrance with signature moves such as the Instant Kamehameha and Super Saiyan transformations.

Vegeta steps into the ring with pride and power, unleashing his signature devastating attacks like the Final Flash and Big Bang Attack.

So far, from the video, I could make out that there are 164 characters, since like before, every transformation counts as a character, very excited for more information to surface.

Sparking Zero Gameplay Mechanics

The release of gameplay also brings back a lot of nostalgic moments for fans of the series. Goku’s “I’m mad” moment, Vegeta’s final amend amend and, crusher move, Goku’s god bind, and the blocking mechanics from Tenkaichi 2 are all part of the game, adding to the overall excitement and nostalgia.

sparking zero instant kamehameha goku
Instant Kamehameha: Goku – Sparking Zero

Of course, it’s made by Spike, now known as Spike Chunsoft, and it is a highly anticipated game that has been in development for at least five years, also it’s a UE5 title, and the graphics are absolutely juicy boys.

The gameplay mechanics of Sparking! ZERO is heavily influenced by its predecessor, Budokai Tenkaichi 3. The game promises intense battles in arenas that crumble and react to the fighters’ power. Players can engage in heart-pounding, high-speed 3D battles that stay true to the anime and video game series, with breathtaking visuals and authentic combat moves.

Transformations play a significant role in the game. The game will feature an extensive range of transformations for Goku and Vegeta, with the possibility of even more forms in the future. The animations of going Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan God are taken from the Broly movie, adding to the authenticity and excitement of the game.

Final Amend: Vegeta – Sparking Zero

The game also includes character-specific attacks and powerful team attacks. Attacks can be overpowered by transforming, adding a strategic element to the gameplay. The game also features beam clashes, rush attacks, movements too quick for the eyes to see, and planet-razing ultimate attacks.

Lastly my favorite: Z Counter is another exciting feature in Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO. This mechanic allows players to counter their opponent’s attacks during battles, adding a strategic element to the gameplay. The inclusion of the Z Counter, along with the transformation overpowering attacks and the stunning animations taken from the Broly movie, truly sets this game apart.

Sparking Zero Release Date

sparking zero release date

I know, like a big kid like myself, you too are jumping when it’s gonna come out, haha, but despite the anticipation for Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO is high, and with fans eagerly awaiting the game’s release, the developers should be allowed to polish the game, we waited for 16 years, we can wait some more can’t we all? After all, the game is expected to live up to 16 years of waiting and deliver an electrifying journey into the world of martial arts, intense battles, and unimaginable power.

While the exact release date is yet to be announced, it is expected to fall in Q4 2024. The game will be available on platforms including the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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