Intel Core i5 12400F – The Absolute Gem That You Can Afford !

12400f is a real gem

Have you ever thought about a CPU that can do almost everything you throw at it and that which you can afford easily if you just stretch your budget a little bit ?

psst its the 12400F

You might be thinking what it has to do with being a budget CPU and that can do almost everything given it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg or kidney’s

There is a particular CPU that can cover almost all of your use case scenarios, ticks all the bells and whistles that a tech geek seems to look after, before making his / her purchase. Its the Intel Core i5 12400F

The 12400F is the Twin Brother of Core i5 12400 But Without The IGP and it Retails Online around the 16.8K INR mark – In the Following Stores: Prime ABGB, Vedant Computers, MD Computers etc.

It Covers all the Bells and Whistles that a Tech Enthusiast Seems to Look For Before Making His / Her Purchase.
Talking about the Bells and Whistles.. What does it Cover?

The 12400F Covers the Following

  • PCIe 4.0 Lanes
  • Maximum Amount of 20 PCIe 4.0 Lanes – Up to 1×16+4 or 2×8+4
  • Intel Deep Learning Boost – Must if you are one of those guys looking for AI Related Works
  • Better and Soldered IHS – PGC 2020C
  • Maximum Boost Clock Of – 4.40 GHz
  • Maximum Turbo TDP of – 117W (Better Boost Clock Maintainability)
  • 6 Performance Cores and 12 Threads (No E Cores)
  • DDR5 and DDR4 Compatiblity with DDR4 3200 MHz and DDR5 4800 MHz Support.

The Video is Based on Core i5 12400 – The Core I5 12400F is just that without the IGP

Why the Core i5 12400F Is Considered to Be the Gem ?

Few Years back – Intel Launched the Skylake X Architecture Breaking the 4 Core Trademark it offered to customers, There was a Kabylake X Launched Along with it in the Same X299 Platform but the response was so poor that intel bid farewell to it.

I myself happen to own the Skylake X Platform till date, An Intel I7 7820x a very powerful CPU in its time, Built on Intel’s 14nm tri gate 3d node, And with No Literal Power Gate – that It Could Draw Stupid amount of power and almost blow up the local transformer (7900x needed an industrial chiller for intel’s unveil event) and to stay ahead from Ryzen of course..

Taking a Quick Cinebnech R23 Results in 10514 scores, and My CPU Got 90 Degrees Hot under a Corsair H115i Liquid Cooler Under the Load. And Drew around 135 Watts of Power According to HW Mon, its more than 160 From the Wall When we figure in results with Resistance in current.

7820X Performance Figures

This result from an 8 Core in 2022 is disappointing, despite achieved with Severe Under-Volting which I had to do to keep the system under check

12400F Performance Figures

if we take a look at the results from a 12400F Cinebench R23 With a stock Cooler and a H610 Budget Motherboard – I really get depressed as it scores 12047 Points, Considering I am on a 400$+ Motherboard, a Premium Liquid Cooler and what not 😊

Another Result From Tech Yes City, A Power Consumption Test and Performance Figures While Using Cinbench R23 (AVX2) Method Which is Incredibly Notorious when it comes to Hammering the CPU, The 12400F Just Is in a Class of its Own.

Tech Yes City : 12400F Cinebench R23 Results.
Tech Yes City : AVX2 Power Consumption Results


This is intel in 2022, That’s what AMD has done to it, and why exactly competition is healthy and it should exist.

Now Cinebench isn’t everything, there are further more results such as Blender, Fire-strike CPU, Geek Bench and More, but it paints the bigger picture, you get a lot more than you realize. That the Core i5 12400F A 6 core Destroying an 8 core, consuming lesser power, On a stock Cooler! and it gets even worse for older generations as when a high end motherboard paired with next gen memory and a good cooling is provided the brutality just increases.

Find out more at Bryans Channel : Tech Yes City

Considering Video Editing, Streaming, Gaming, Mixing and Mastering Audio Projects, Or Planning to Do More than 100 Track audio Projects, I Recommend this Masterpiece. IT deserves respect. Intel Gave was what we thrived for…