Google’s Tensor G3: Beats Apple A17 Pro In AV1 Encoding

Google’s Tensor G3: Beats Apple A17 Pro In AV1 Encoding

Despite its shortcomings in performance, Google’s Tensor G3 has made a significant stride in the realm of video encoding. It is the world’s first smartphone System on a Chip (SoC) to support AV1 encoding at 4K 60FPS. This achievement, although currently underutilized due to lack of software support, marks a significant step forward in the evolution of video encoding technology.

AV1 Encoding: The Game Changer

The Tensor G3’s support for AV1 encoding at 4K 60FPS is a feature yet to be supported by any other smartphone SoC. This includes Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, Dimensity 9300, and the Exynos 2400. Despite this impressive addition, the lack of software that supports AV1 encoding at 4K 60FPS limits its current utility. Even Google’s default camera app, Pixel Camera, does not support this advanced AV1 encoding option.

The Competition: Tensor G3 vs Apple’s A17 Pro

In comparison, Apple’s A17 Pro, which powers the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, only supports AV1 decoding, not encoding. This means that while the A17 Pro can interpret and play AV1-encoded videos, it cannot create them. This distinction sets Tensor G3 apart as the first mobile SoC to support hardware-accelerated AV1 encoding.

The Future of AV1 Encoding

Despite the lack of software support, including AV1 encoding in the Tensor G3 is a promising development. As more software begins to support this feature, users can create and share high-quality videos with greater efficiency. Google is expected to bring the same feature to Tensor G4 later this year.


While the Tensor G3 may lag behind in overall performance, its support for AV1 encoding represents a significant advancement in video technology. As the first of its kind, the Tensor G3 paves the way for future developments in this field. Despite the current lack of software support, this feature holds the potential to revolutionize the way we create and share videos in the future.

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