Intel Arrow Lake-S 24 Core CPU: Let’s Investigate Leaks and Community Reactions

Intel arrow lake data leaks surface

Intel Arrow Lake-S CPU has been a hot topic in the tech community recently, with leaks revealing some intriguing details. Recent leaks suggest that the Arrow Lake-S CPU will feature 24 cores and threads.

Yeah, no hyperthreading, for DPC latency and FPS enthusiasts, well, you don’t get to complain anymore, I guess. @instlax

Assuming the accuracy of these leaks, we might anticipate a CPU with 24 cores and an equivalent number of threads. The leaked document also suggests that the forthcoming 15th-generation Arrow Lake desktop CPUs may not support Hyper-Threading (HT). The technical memo outlines Arrow Lake’s projected eight performance cores, with no threads enabled via SMT, corroborating earlier rumors about the removal of Hyper-Threading.

Arrow Lake-S Leaked Specifications

intel arrow lake-s cpu leaks
intel arrow lake-s cpu leaks, no avx, 24 core, no hyper threading

The Intel Arrow Lake-S CPU has been the subject of recent leaks, revealing some intriguing specifications:

  • 24 Threads: The CPU is expected to feature 24 threads, which could suggest that Arrow Lake will sport at least two more threads than Meteor Lake for the flagship model. If rumors are true about Arrow Lake ditching hyperthreading altogether, those 24 threads could be 24 actual cores.
  • No Hyper-Threading: The leaked document indicates that the upcoming 15th-generation Arrow Lake desktop CPUs could lack Hyper-Threading (HT) support. The technical memo lists Arrow Lake’s expected eight performance cores without any threads enabled via SMT. This aligns with previous rumors of Hyper-Threading removal.
  • No AVX-512: Another interesting tidbit is the lack of AVX-512 on this particular Arrow Lake sample. It is reasonable to assume that the instruction set might be disabled in the chip’s firmware or motherboard UEFI. However, there’s a chance Arrow Lake might not come with AVX-512.
  • 3GHz Frequency: The CPU operates at a base frequency of 3.0 GHz.

Arrow Lake-S is Intel’s next-generation desktop CPU architecture that will reportedly replace its outgoing Raptor Lake Refresh CPU lineup later this year. It’s expected to launch sometime in the second half of 2024.


The leaks about the Intel Arrow Lake-S CPU have certainly stirred up the tech community. While the lack of Hyper-Threading and AVX-512 support has raised some concerns, it’s important to remember that these are still leaks and the final product may differ. As always, it will be interesting to see how these developments unfold and what impact they will have on the CPU market.

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Source: @Instlax64