RTX 3050 6GB to replace the RTX 3050 8GB model, resulting in fewer cores, memory bandwidth, and hopefully a cheaper price

RTX 3050 6GB To feature fresh new copium for buyers loyal to buying Green Apple products, coming in early Jan 2024.

WCCF Tech first revealed back in October that NVIDIA was developing a new GeForce RTX 3050 model with 6 GB of RAM and fewer features for a cheaper price. It appears that additional details about this specific SKU’s specifications are now available on the Chinese Board Channel forums.

rtx 3050 6gb

The decision to discontinue the RTX 3050 8GB model was likely made by NVIDIA because it seems that the 8GB variant of the card is negatively affecting sales of the RTX 4060. Rather, they will be releasing a new version that is compatible with the mobile version (RTX 2050) and has 6GB of memory.

Given that the forthcoming RTX 3050 model will have 6GB of RAM, a 96-bit or 128-bit memory bus may be used. Both solutions are feasible given the GA106 GPU, but it is anticipated that the new model will probably be chosen for a shorter memory bus. Nvidia will likely release GPUs at some point, and we’ll have to pay separately for the VRAM because CEO Jensen dislikes putting in sufficient VRAM these days.

RTX 3050 6GB will not be the singular Handicapped Card out there

Reducing the specifications will result in some designs that don’t need any external power supply, and there will be a slight decrease in overall power consumption. The majority of the cards you are considering run between 70 and 100W. The card’s quad display output—three DP and one HDMI—will remain intact.

The reason for this model’s creation appears to be NVIDIA’s desire to provide something to the masses of entry-level users who were left out of the RTX 40 series. The card will probably be priced in the US sub-$200 range, competing with GPUs such as the RDNA 2-powered RX 6600 and Arc A580/A750. It is rumored that the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 8 GB graphics card will be discontinued; in the meantime, the 6 GB model will continue to be available at entry-level pricing until a replacement is announced. It is anticipated that the RTX 3050 6 GB will go on sale in January 2024.

Classical Technology Does an Excellent Job in calling Nvidia and it’s shenanigans

Speaking of handicaps, NVIDIA is deliberately limiting the potential of its GPUs by cutting down on VRAM and the memory bus, which is essential for high-resolution and high-fidelity gaming. NVIDIA is also planning to release a super series of GPUs later this year, which will have more VRAM and better performance than the current models.

I understand that, with AI booming, they aren’t running a charity that will cater to gamers’ needs and listen to them; that is unless the US government screws them over when it comes to selling GPUs in China. However, they intend to introduce the Super series once more, a cynical strategy to make the customers buy the same GPU twice, once with less VRAM and then with more VRAM.

NVIDIA faces a critical juncture. Open communication, transparency, and a renewed focus on customer satisfaction are crucial in navigating the current situation. By addressing the concerns surrounding the RTX 3050 downgrade and ensuring that the upcoming Super series doesn’t feel like a forced upgrade, NVIDIA can rebuild trust and maintain its position as a leader in the gaming industry.

The gaming community is passionate and vocal. NVIDIA must demonstrate its commitment to delivering value and performance, not just maximizing profits. Only then can it ensure a healthy and thriving gaming ecosystem for generations to come. Let’s hope for the future, fingers crossed.