Huawei’s Kirin 9006C Provides Unmistakable Evidence That the P70 Flagships of 2023 Will Be Equipped With A New 5nm SoC

The Kirin 9006C is a new chipset from Huawei that has been seen in devices like the Huawei Qingyun L540 notebook. The core clock speeds can reach up to 3.13GHz. It’s speculated that these cores are custom-designed by Huawei.

kirin 9006c soc for p70

In 2024, Huawei is anticipated to introduce its new P70 flagship smartphone series, which will include three new models with a plethora of upgraded hardware specifications. It was anticipated in a previous report that the P70 Art—possibly the highest-end model—would come with a remarkable camera setup that includes a hybrid 1G6P lens in addition to other features. Despite this information, Huawei did not disclose the chipset that it would use in the three models.

Kirin 9006C SoC will likely not be used for the Smartphone lineup P70 series.

It was questioned whether Huawei and SMIC would be able to mass produce something on a better node and break through the 7nm barrier. On the other hand, rumors claimed that the Chinese semiconductor company would manufacture this 5nm chipset by reusing its current deep ultraviolet process (DUV) equipment, but the procedure would be far more costly than employing EUV hardware.

kirin 9006c soc

Regardless, both companies introduced the Kirin 9006C, which powers the Qingyun L540 laptops that were just released and has an 8-core CPU cluster. Although the exact method by which Huawei and SMIC developed a 5nm chip in the context of the US sanctions has not been disclosed, the achievement of both businesses in doing so defies expectations.

Although there are few details available about its official name, it further solidifies the rumor that Huawei will develop a new smartphone chipset that will be included in the upcoming P70 lineup using the same 5nm technology. According to reports, Huawei has begun working on the P70 series and has found suppliers for high refresh rate displays that can also support lower PWM values, which will ease eye strain.

We will soon find out how Huawei raises the bar with the P70 range and invigorates the smartphone market, as December draws to a close and 2024 approaches. Recall that the previous Chinese behemoth is expected to ship 100 million phones in 2019. Let’s see if the business reaches this new benchmark.

In conclusion, the Kirin 9006C is a testament to Huawei’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. As we anticipate more devices powered by this chipset, it’s clear that the future of tech is exciting and full of possibilities.

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