How to Pick The Perfect Router, 5 Things You Should Look For

  1. Consider how much you want to spend on a router. …
  2. Check to see if your new router is compatible with your ISP. …
  3. Make sure your router supports the internet speed you pay for. …
  4. Look for a newer an appropriate wireless protocol. …
  5. Use mesh Wi-Fi or extenders to spread Wi-Fi through your house. …
  6. Don’t try to fall in prey for optional features that you wont be using most of the time, Also Pick Wiseley Which You Would Happen to Use..

Here is how you should go and pick a router regarding your usage.

If you are Into Networking and Have Knowledge About Routers, Then it wont be a problem for you, But if you are new to Networking and Routers. Then You need to open your Routers Login Page “Generally its or, Down in the Network Settings / Connection Type If it Shows (Static IP) Then Chances are There that A Modem Unit is Provided Along With The Router Provided By Your ISP, You can Happily Buy any router and plug it to the Modem and Configure the IP address provided by your ISP and you are good to go.

Checking the ISP Compatibility Beyond

If it shows Dynamic and its the only unit provided by your ISP then chances are that Your Router is MAC-Binded to The ISP, Which Either Means your Router Can be a GPON ONU/ONT Type. Or You are in the BSNL Category which is an ADSL2+ Type Router.

If you fall in that Category of a GPON ONU/ONT Type, Then you need to buy another router and set is as an access point if you are not satisfied with the present Range that it provides, or hook up a powerful Wireless Access Point with dedicated Ethernet Port. Searching for a GPON Router Online Can Be Tricky Since There Are 2 Types of ONU/ONT GPON and EPON, Which have Separate Connection Ports Such as APC and UPC / Green and Blue or Gray In Short with different purpose and Operating Mediums Such as SC and LC, And XPONS Which Support Both EPON and GPON Simultaneously Are Hard to Find, Even if you Happen to Find one, Chances are there that your ISP Will refuse to VLAN-TAG it and let you use it.

Source FS Community

If You Fall in BSNL Category or any ISP that uses TR069 or Telephone Jack or RJ15 Jack, Then You can look for BSNL Routers Out online, There’s Still Plenty of Them

What is your Internet Speed,

Be Sure to Take a Quick Speedtest and Decide Which Router You Need..
For Internet Speed Less than or Equal to 100mbps, Its Suggested To Use a Wireless-N Router With 100mbps Routing Capability.

If your internet speed is More than 100mbps, Then a Gigabit Router is Highly Recommended. As You will be needing the routing capability Up to 1000mbps that it provides you so that rest of the speed is not wasted and someone from the next room doesn’t shout out that they are paying so much internet bills, when Netflix buffers.

How Many of Your Neighbors USE Wi-Fi ?

This is a very Important Aspect, No matter wherever you reside its important to find out How many more people use Wi-Fi over there.. The More Wi-Fi you have, The More Problems you will receive if you cheap out.. Now don’t go flaming over me, Its like this..

There are Wi-Fi Channels based on Operating Frequency, Now here’s the thing. 2.4Ghz Posses 14 Channels with Operating Width
5Ghz Band Possesses Up to 165 Channels and 6Ghz is even bigger with up to 14 non overlapping ones.

Now if you scan your Wi-Fi networks in your area, using any Wi-Fi scanner from mobile or pc will do the trick you will see many WIFI’s show up in one after the other. now majority of the people use 2.4ghz since its thin and can penetrate walls more than a thick signal, that’s not the case, its cheap so people buy it to get the job done, few people care for what it is, now hold on a minuet or two..

Here is a list of Wi-Fi Information Regarding Channels, Width and Frequencies

Are you planning for gaming over Wi-Fi ?

Chances are if you have read this much, you rock.. anyway yes i suppose, well if you are gaming. then lemme do a coffin dance regarding your ping and lag which you will face while trying to play in an area where there are more than 5 2.4ghz Wi-Fi signals, Why this happens ? this is called collision effect. you may be unknowingly using a channel which chances are others are using. now this doesn’t hurt that much if you are right next to the router. but things get interesting as you increase distance

I assume you have a modern smartphone which supports Wi-Fi AC or WIFI 5, Well its like when you switch to Wi-Fi 5, its like you didn’t take that jam route in the highway and straightly moved to the opposite side of the road, wish you could do that with cars didn’t you ? 😀 .. anyway yes its wide and empty.. but yes. your signal strength will reduce when compared with 2.4Ghz on the Measured Speed Over Distance, but don’t let that concern you, you maybe facing a reduced speed but your ping will be much closer to LAN like trust me it will be like that. Bullets will register, you want face frame interpolation issues nor packet loss..

Well if you fancy a powerful router with Wi-Fi 6 and have devices that support it out of the box, then its a wider road even, since its costly.. and half of the people don’t care what it is or is even aware.. you are off to a lightning start since its almost LAN like, I dare say some companies push it so hard that it even beat LAN performance (marketing of course) but yeah you get the flow..

Meshing Routers can also help reduce latency problem.. so you can look for one mesh solutions if you are into that..

And Lastly, Gaming Gimmicks wont do you good,

Pick what you think you can use. and stay within your budget. a router cant do auto-aim, cheats are there for it.. 😛 but yes what it can do is improve your gaming experience.. now hold on, there are routers which provides WTFAST which is a VPN Proxy to re write your routing tables set by ISP and reduce pings.. please do R&D or even Try installing Cloudflare WARP, its a Free VPN Proxy that actually helps reduce pings in pc, I don’t know about mobiles didn’t try it.. Happy Fragging

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Oh Guys looking for Link aggregation, Load Balancing, Built in VPN Capabilities.. Hello there.. Ill be posting an article regarding those too.. ill link it here when I’m finished with it.