Ryzen 7000 Series Spotted on MSI MAG B650 AM5 Motherboard @1.532V – Its Getting Spicy!

Ryzen 7000 Series

MSI’s Upcoming generation motherboard spotted running the Raphael (Ryzen 7000 Series) Desktop CPU

In a picture tweeted by @9550Pro (HXL), we can see an off-screen BIOS display that shows the motherboard with the MAG B650 naming scheme.

Although the MAG Series Line of motherboards exclusively designed by MSI tend to target entry level performance and we actually cannot identify which variant this is, for example it can be either a (Mortar, Bazooka, Tomahawk).

But we can certainly tell that it is based on AMD’s B650 chipset which is going to be a part of the next-generation AM5 platform.

The AM5 platform is the new upcoming one for AMD’s Next generation Ryzen 7000 Raphael Series of desktop processors with Zen 4 core architecture, AMD has already confirmed that the Ryzen 7000 Series will be the first Zen 4 family to hit the AM5 Socket with DDR5 Support out of the box

While we cannot identify the CPU from the off-screen BIOS display but the V-core Voltage is outrageously high, like it’s around 1.532V which is actually bizarre considering the CPU is likely to be an engineering sample, and this kind of voltages is used when Enthusiasts target LN2 OC or even with dry-ice

Such early voltage could really mean 2 things, Either the CPU Silicon is just bad or (Thuban) days are coming back meaning Chipsets are going to get toasty again and you would again get to see random reboots, black screens and what not. Let’s not hope we see AMD back on that dark path – oh boy I have had my time with the 990FX chipset.

Maybe this is a worse case scenario since MSI hands out early samples to test out, and this is just one of the results which we are seeing. Judging on the basis of this will be a bad idea

The AM5 Platform – Let’s talk about The Ryzen 7000 Series

AMD has finally decided to ditch the Pin grade array and become LGA (Just like how they made Intel Irrelevant in IPC / Core / Efficiency) the new Leaked socket is named as LGA 1718.

Now AMD has decided to literally troll Intel like LGA 1700 is  Intel’s and LGA 1718 is AMD’s, I know some product listers in ecommerce retail websites are going to have a hard time with them attributes, since the pins are gone and now so are their attributes and over that now they need to understand the basics

Well AMD Clams that they are focusing on next gen technology and features such as PCIe Gen 5 and DDR5, and the socket has a single latch and  yea no need to worry about pins underneath your processors. 

ryzen 7000 series spotted mag b650
Source AMD

What I would be worrying now is people buying intel motherboards for AMD processors, since both are LGA1700 – 18.  oh, goods once sold cannot be taken back – return policies

In terms of added goodness, AM5 Socket brings in DDR5-5200(JDEC Standard) Memory Support, Up-to 28(PCIe Gen 5 Standard Lanes), more NVMe 4.0 Slots and USB 3.2 I/O Lanes and we are having USB 4.0 support and are Having Thunderbolt? I mean the pins are gone so now? No. Intel or Die pleb.

A new feature called RAMP (Ryzen Accelerated Memory Profile) will be RAMPING up your power bills and DDR5 frequency – ssh pins are gone AMD will be efficient – hey that’s not how XMP works, yes its not XMP

So yea your power bills won’t ramp up, but considering AMD’s compatibility with DDR4 Overclocking, I don’t know what’s coming. Like Blame intel all you want but their Memory overclocking abilities are unrivaled, But what I am curious to see is that, Will AMD Allow motherboard vendors to release DDR4 Siblings of there DDR5 counterparts.