NVIDIA RTX Remix 0.4 Open Beta: A New Era for Classic Game Remasters

nvidia rtx remix

NVIDIA has recently released the open beta of its RTX Remix 0.4, a platform designed to make remastering classic games easier.

This release marks a significant step forward in the world of game modding and remastering, bringing advanced features to classic games, such as Max Payne, Quake, etc.

NVIDIA has launched the open beta of RTX Remix 0.4, a revolutionary platform aimed at simplifying the remastering of classic games.

This new version brings numerous enhancements, addressing capture-related issues, geometry corruption, and stability concerns, among others. The release has sparked excitement in the gaming community, paving the way for a new era of game remastering.

With the open beta of RTX Remix 0.4 now available to all, the process of remastering classic games is expected to speed up significantly. Modders can now download the RTX Remix app through Nvidia’s Omniverse service. The beta release includes official documentation and a more accessible interface, making it easier for modders to start creating their remastered versions of classic games

What is NVIDIA RTX Remix?

nvidia rtx remix

Built on NVIDIA Omniverse™, RTX Remix is a platform that allows modders to easily capture game assets, automatically enhance materials with powerful AI tools, and quickly create stunning RTX remasters with ray tracing and DLSS. It focuses on remastering DirectX 8 and 9 games with fixed-function pipelines.

RTX Remix allows modders to easily capture game assets, automatically enhance materials with AI tools, and quickly create stunning RTX remasters with ray tracing and DLSS. It’s like giving your old games a makeover with gorgeous modern-looking graphical mods.

The platform consists of two components.

  1. RTX Remix Application (Toolkit): This is used for creating lights, revamping textures with AI, and adding remastered assets into a game scene that you’ve made with your favorite DCC tool.
  2. RTX Remix Runtime: This helps you capture classic game scenes to bring into the RTX Remix application to begin your mod. The runtime also is responsible for making your mod “work” when a gamer is playing your mod–in real-time, it replaces any old asset with the remastered assets you’ve added to the game scene and relights the game with path tracing at playback.

What’s New in RTX Remix 0.4 Open Beta?

nvidia rtx remix 0.4

The latest version, RTX Remix 0.4, introduces an updated DXVK implementation, which addresses capture-related issues, geometry corruption, stability concerns, and more. It also brings improvements such as enhanced performance in terrain baking, refined parallax occlusion mapping, improved anti-culling for in-game lights, and various other enhancements.

With the release of the RTX Remix application in Open Beta, the full power of RTX Remix is now in the hands of modders to make next-level RTX mods. This marks a significant step forward in the world of game modding and remastering, bringing advanced features to classic games.

More details:

NVIDIA RTX Remix 0.4 open beta introduces several new features and improvements:

  1. Updated DXVK Implementation: The new version includes an updated DXVK implementation, which translates Direct3D calls to Vulkan. This update addresses several issues, including capture-related problems, geometry corruption, and stability concerns.
  2. Performance Improvements: RTX Remix 0.4 brings enhanced performance in terrain baking. This means that the process of creating texture maps from 3D models, a crucial step in game development, is now more efficient.
  3. Refined Parallax Occlusion Mapping: This version refines parallax occlusion mapping, a technique used to simulate 3D detail on a 2D surface. This can make textures in games look more realistic.
  4. Improved Anti-Culling for In-Game Lights: Anti-culling is a technique used to prevent objects from disappearing from the game when they’re not directly visible. The improved anti-culling of in-game lights ensures that lighting effects remain consistent and realistic.
  5. Various Other Enhancements: In addition to the above, RTX Remix 0.4 also includes various other enhancements to improve the overall user experience.

Which Games Are Currently Using RTX Remix?

RTX Remix is currently best suited for DirectX 8 and 9 games with fixed function pipelines. Here are some of the games that are currently using RTX Remix:

GTA Vice City: The RTX Remix has been used to enhance the graphics of GTA Vice City. The modder ‘PC_Focus’ has shared some screenshots and a video of an upcoming RTX Remix Path Tracing Mod for GTA: Vice City.

Max Payne: The game has been remastered using RTX Remix. A modder, ‘Slasks Psykbunker’, has released a demo of Max Payne RTX Remix, a mod that enables path tracing in the original Max Payne 1 game.

Call of Duty 2: This first-person shooter game, developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, is one of the games that can be remastered using RTX Remix.

Garry’s Mod: A sandbox game that allows you to manipulate objects and experiment with physics. It’s another game that can be remastered with RTX Remix.

Freedom Fighters: This third-person shooter, developed by IO Interactive, can be given a graphical overhaul with RTX Remix.

Need for Speed Underground 2: This cross-platform racing video game, developed and published by Electronic Arts, can be enhanced using RTX Remix.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines: This action role-playing video game, developed by Troika Games, is another title that can be remastered using RTX Remix.

It’s worth noting that NVIDIA has worked with Valve to remix Portal and Half-Life 2, with the former already available for download. Now, modders can remaster older games themselves. For a more comprehensive list of compatible games, you can head to the community compatibility list on ModDB. Also, keep in mind you might want to bag the RTX 4090 just in case things get messy

Image Source: Nvidia