RTX 4090 – A Fantastic Value for Money, From a Creator’s Perspective

rtx 4090 creators review

If you are a gamer and this RTX 4090 post triggers you, I sincerely apologize, as it’s more than just games that meet the eye.


Introducing the ADA Lovelace Flagship – RTX 4090

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 is the new flagship of a new generation of Nvidia graphics cards based on its Ada Lovelace architecture. It brings with it new technologies, new enhancements, and a big uplift in general GPU performance. It’s looking to support the next generation of games with big improvements to ray tracing and deep learning super sampling (DLSS) performance in particular.

This price is much lower than the original predictions suggested, with some leaks claiming it would be north of $2,000. However, it’s clear from Nvidia’s continued promotion of its RTX 3080, 3070, and 3060 that it may not have lower-tier Lovelace cards for some time, instead using existing stock of the RTX 3000-series to flesh out its GPU lineup for the time being. Also, the price is much much lower when I will be comparing certain things later in this review.

Considering in India, You can find good pricing at MDcomputers, VedantComputers and others too, all taxes and import duties considered, this card delivers more than a RTXA6000 Series card – more on that later

For gamers, this card is a meme, you are way off better with a 6950XT since buying 3080Ti or 3080 makes no sense when AMD delivers same level performance at a much lower cost, speaking about the RTX 4090 it delivers broken performance in 4K and is still CPU bound in certain scenarios, such as in Spiderman, and there are a plethora of videos on the internet discussing the RTX 4090’s capabilities in regards to gaming.

Specifications and Details

Here I have the Zotac trinity OC model as a reference, but more or less everything is the same

CUDA cores16384
Video Memory24GB GDDR6X With ECC
FabricationTSMC 4nm
Memory Bus384-bit
Engine ClockBoost: 2535 MHz
Memory Clock21 Gbps
PCI Express4.0 16x
Display Outputs3 x DisplayPort 1.4a (up to 7680×4320@60Hz) 1 x HDMI® Connector* *Supports 4K 120Hz HDR, 8K 60Hz HDR, and Variable Refresh Rate as specified in the HDMI 2.1 Specification
FP64 (double) Perf1,298 GFLOPS (1:64) Estimated

Shockingly ECC Memory caught me off guard since the 3090 TI was found using such, and it’s only for the Quadro series GPU

Source Techgage

It’s not just a fluke, I have crossed my model and mine also shows the ECC field, in their quick tests, enabling ECC memory to dropped benchmarked bandwidth from 845 GB/s down to 742 GB/s. Comparatively, enabling ECC memory on the Quadro RTX 6000 dropped bandwidth from 513 GB/s to 433 GB/s.

I will be linking a few videos here that cover in-depth benchmarks for content creators, the results for which include Viewport performance, Maya, and Other real-life scenarios

Viewport Result – RTX 4090 vs RTXA6000 (Quadro)

Considering my test case with the RTX 4090

Editing with Edius 9.55 the timeline scrubbing performance is buttery, 4K video playbacks are lot less jitter-free, and yes the main thing that excited me the most.

If you are using EDIUS, and you happen to use the plugin named ISP – Robuskey, which is an excellent chroma key filter, you have happened to know how heavy the plugin is, and that It is almost impossible to play back the footage Realtime, this is currently stated in their official website as well.

Behold the RTX 4090, this broken meme GPU plays back the footage in real-time, along with 2-3 other filters applied, no problem whatsoever, this GPU will give your CPU a run for its money!.

And considering bottlenecking, well you would need to pair the 12900K or the 7950x (Ryzen has a lot of early adopters Issues). Or the 13900K aka the Raptorlake which is hitting the shelves very very soon, and even I am excited about it.

Final thoughts and Conclusion

Competition in the market is always healthy for the consumer, during the late 2019’s and 2020s when AMD didn’t have an answer against the RTX 2000 (Turing) line of graphics cards and was busy refreshing their Vega architecture, Nvidia simply went ahead and launched the Ampere (RTX 3000) Line of the graphics card, although with promising performance but with stupid price, considering the performance it delivered, and they didn’t even sell in MSRP and people had nothing but Nvidia to purchase

Things took a turn when RDNA 2 launched, and with few driver updates and new changes that brought in the Resizable bar feature, The gap shortened day by day, and newer titles started to favor AMD and their FSR technology.

And finally, that day arrived with the RDNA2 Refresh was launched, with a better boost and further optimization that wrecked the likes of 3090 Ti

Nvidia launched the RTX 3000 Series with the Cheap Samsung 8nm Node, which ruined the card’s efficiency, and after a ferocious competition from AMD, we received the 4000 Series.

I am not talking about the canceled 4080 12GB nor the 16GB, for the price the 4090 is insane, it’s the most efficient GPU Nvidia has ever released, and the power consumption is high in GPU core-heavy titles, but considering what the 3090 Ti delivered, using the same power its almost 2 times fast (best case scenarios)

The best part is, not only gamers, even content creators such as professional 3d Artists will benefit a lot, there is absolutely no need to buy the RTX A6000 for the FP64 performance is much higher than that, and it’s a desktop card that delivers meme level performance, or unless you absolutely need the 48GB VRAM in it. For 170K currently in MD computers, it’s where I got mine from. This is an incredible buy. also consider waiting for RDNA3 and see what AMD brings to the table.